TheraGun Therapy



This tool penetrates into all 3 of your Muscle layers 50x a second! Your Nerves and Pain Receptors are not able to able to keep up, thus causing them to overload and shut off. This allows access to parts of the body that may be to sore or sensitive. There are also different types of pressure and head pieces available to break up Scar Tissue in hard to reach places, such as the Neck & Shoulders to relieve headaches and bring back mobility.

Because of this, some treatments can cause soreness for the next 2 days. Please be as descriptive as possible when deciding what type of pressure you would like before and during the session.

Treatments are short and to the point and don't end until the area has improved.

What benefits will I see after my first session?

Immediate relief or mobility in the targeted area

Increased blood-flow and circulation in the area

Break up of Scar Tissue and Hardened Muscle Fibers